Instructions from Project monitoring system


  • After logging in You will see projects to what You have access.
  • There are under each project folder with different subfolders.
  • You can look, upload and download documents in these folders (if you have granted rights).
  • Just click on document or use download or upload buttons for these actions.
  • After new uploads you can sent notification by e-mail to each member of relevant project in order to keep everybody informed about any news related to the project (if you have granted rights).
  • User can not change structure of folders.
  • If You have some questions please feel free to contact your administrator or the head administrator:


  • After logging in you can see the project where you can add folders, files and users.
  • Add folders- just click “Lisa uus kaust” and choose folder type. “Tavaline” folder you can mark for any kind of subject that you feel free to use.
  • Add user- “Halda kasutajaid”- there you can see all the users for current project. Add user- “Lisa kasutaja”. In this section you can edit and see user settings and rights that he has for the project. NB! Be sure that you check rights for the user what he can see and do in this project.
  • Set rights for the folders, who can see the folder- “Määra kausta õigused”- choose users.
  • To add new project or if you have any questions please contact you head administrator: